Emotional Affair - Wives Beware!

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Published: 17th July 2009
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Emotional Affair - Wives Beware!

Affairs are difficult enough to spot, especially if your husband is smart, but an emotional affair husbands may be having is the hardest to catch. Emotional affairs disguise themselves in various ways but can cause all the pain and heartache of a regular physical affair.

What Is Emotional Cheating?

Basically, it's a situation where your spouse and an acquaintance are attracted to each other, become emotionally attached, but neither act upon the attraction in a physical way. In an emotional affair husbands are experiencing all the aspects of cheating without having sex.

This new form of infidelity is, in part, due to the internet. Now people can spend their spare time chatting in chat rooms and meeting people on MySpace. Many emotional affairs start this way. And because this situation can be shrugged of as "just talking," many partners must suffer in silence as their lover's attention is continually directed toward someone else.

Do You Have An Emotional Cheating Spouse?

There are signs that your spouse is an emotional cheater.

If your partner has a lot of after-work meetings with a co-worker of the opposite sex, this can signify an emotional attraction. If your partner is distant, emotionally or physically, it can be evidence of an emotional affair husbands would hide, especially if they have friendships that you are not privy to, or have regular nights out with a friend of the opposite sex. Your spouse may also refuse physical intimacy with you and stop sharing their feelings and problems.

What Can You Do If You Have An Emotional Cheating Spouse?

In an emotional affair, husbands are seeking something they don't feel they can get at home.

Talk to your spouse. Make it a point to be open about felling neglected, without making hurtful or angry accusations. Tantrums and nagging will only make the new "relationship" more attractive to them.

Set a date night together and spend sometime bringing the intimacy back into your relationship. Let your spouse know how much you appreciate them with your words or with a kind deed or gift. Show your partner how much you love them and you'll quickly put the intimacy back where it belongs.

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